Sheer meterial, skin, cloth, leather, rubber, please help...

Hi! I know i might sound desperate, Its just i cant get this materials right.

Im using for sheer ramps
for dif on mix/energy
for spec on multiply/shadding
default spec and dif, the factor to both is 1.

For skin I use SSS but lowered the IOR and changed color to clear pearl color and i bit more of texture blend(0.2)

For cloth i tried toon spec, but im hopeless.

I tried for rubber and leather (its a jacket), several ramps and spec even tangent, but they look to fake. Could please point me to right sites with tutorials, and also give me some help?.
For my lighting wich i think it sucks, i used a sun and 2 spots, AO basic on multiply.
Thanks in advance.

for leather you need a good bump map, try this one, it’s one of mine.
(edit) it tiles btw.
(edit) here’s another for cloth. also mine.