Shenza (a character I was working on)

Some renders, and her sketchfab link, anyone got an opinion on her?

Shenza, and Avarak

old version.


Hy and welcome to BlenderArtists!
It is beautiful and i like the colors. The fin is a bit dull, maybe make is more interesting via a texture or adding more detail to it. If not, well is beautiful also like this!

Also the hand fingers I don’t think help “her?” Too much when swimming so you should connect them, but maybe not totally? (It is my opinion)

I say this because even at ILM creatures had to be both recognizable and also fantastic. So if the hands are too human then it looks off a bit because the creature lives on trees or underwater or underground etc. Also if the brain does not recognize certain expectations, it looks also off. So a fin should resemble a fin, just like a face has to be slightly not symetrical.

Watch the documentary of the creation of Jar Jar Binks. See why they made the hands longer, neck longer, the walk weird, etc.

Anyway the model is great and cannot wait to see it in an environnement, if there is one in the pipeline.

Keep up the good work!

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I definitely plan on making her fin more detailed in the future, (its just a placeholder)
and as for hands I’m not sure if I’ll leave them, or add webbing (might do some tests in the future)

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