Shia Lebeouf

I just wanted to share this with you guys. Made with my addon on UPBGE (but you can port the shader to normal BGE if you want). (8.71 MB)

All i see is the same video that does not play smoothly in the project file.

very cool.

Any errors on the terminal? Is it only the FPS that are low or you have glitches?

There are a lot errors.I opened it from your addon.

Read new prefs: C:\Users\barbara\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\config\userpref.blend
found bundled python: C:\Users\barbara\Desktop\Release\2.78\python
read blend: C:\Users\barbara\Documents\shia\project\main.blend

Blender Game Engine Started
Setted 2D Filter ChromaticAberration to slot 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\barbara\Documents\shia\project\core\glsl\__global__\", line 107, in load
  File "C:\Users\barbara\Documents\shia\project\core\glsl\__global__\", line 137, in bindAllUnioforms
  File "C:\Users\barbara\Documents\shia\project\core\glsl\__global__\", line 153, in bindUniformf
    image, buf_id = newTextureFromFile(t)
  File "C:\Users\barbara\Documents\shia\project\core\glsl\__global__\", line 22, in newTextureFromFile
    return [image, newTextureFromBuffer(image.image, image.size[0], image.size[1])]
  File "C:\Users\barbara\Documents\shia\project\core\glsl\__global__\", line 34, in newTextureFromBuffer
    bgl.glTexImage2D(bgl.GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, bgl.GL_RGBA, sizex, sizey, 0, bgl.GL_RGBA, bgl.GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, buffer)
TypeError: argument 9 must be bgl.Buffer, not None
Setted 2D Filter Vignetting to slot 2
Setted 2D Filter Texture to slot 3
Blender Game Engine Finished
Removed 2D Filter Vignetting at slot 2
Removed 2D Filter Texture at slot 1
Removed 2D Filter ChromaticAberration at slot 0
Removed 2D Filter Texture at slot 3

upbge issues should be posted at the upbge site (e.g via issue tracker).

As this is a resource moved from bge support forum to resource forum.

In my own stupidity I think I used an absolute path for the UPBGE logo texture.


It says “support and discussion”, I thought it was discussion more than anything else, since the filter is included on the addon wich has its own thread on the Team Projects subforum. If it’s a resource is like making multiple threads for the same thing just with diferent versions.

By the way, that is not an UPBGE issue or bug as I said, it’s en error I made on that specific .blend.