Shield Wall Animation, not animating properly

Well, I’d hoped that I could replicate the settings I used to create a holographic screen but it seems I can’t use them.

What I am having a problem with is animating a shield wall, basically a vertical wall whose animation starts on the ‘bottom’ and moves ‘upward’, but everytime I try and animate it the wall begins to appear in the ‘center’ of the mesh and then around it and then spreads outward. I’ve even tried using a texture and attached it to the particle system, in this case, using the Blend texture but its as if the particle system is ignoring the texture.

To be honest, I’m not at all sure ‘what’ I am doing wrong. I’ve attached the .zip file that has the .blend in it (can’t upload the .blend for some reason) to this post so hopefully someone out there who knows more about animating can help, I’ve saved the blend at frame 12 which will show some of the mesh from there you can play it out…


Shield (1.58 MB)

Not sure what you have there, looks like you’re using the particle system to reveal the shield?

Might want to be directing this question to the particle system portion of the forum…


Which texture exactly do you think is supposed to be affecting the particle system, and in what way? You have a blend texture mapped to the UVs of that mesh, so it’s going to control the emission time according to your UV layout. So the emission time of the particles moves from the bottom of your UV map to the top. It’s doing exactly what you’ve told it to do.