shift ctrl left-click in node editor doesn't work

Hello. Thank you for watching.

Sometimes, shift ctrl left-click (a hot key that directly connects a node into the material surface) doesn’t work. Do you have any idea to fix this?

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You will need the enable the NodeWrangler addon for this function

Just like in the compositor, you can now Ctrl+Shift+Click a node to view it! A temporary emission shader is created so that there’s no shading on the object – the clicked node is connected to this shader and then to the output. If a shader is clicked, this emission node is skipped and the clicked node is connected straight to the output.


Oh, that was it! Thank you very much!

i Turned On But I Was Creating A Forest And ctrl++shift left clicking on ColorMap doesnt Work If Someone Have And Idea Please Tell Me.

im unable to download with this link is there any other way

The Node Wrangler add-on is bundled with Blender nowadays, all you need do is enable it.

how do i enable it