Shift g


(Eze Delaney) #1

Hello there, i need some help guys. I was modeling trying to create a building but when trying to hit SHIFT+D (to copy) i hit SHIFT+G first the overlay of the object turned green and i didnt realized, some minutes later i couldnt interact any more with that object, i cant select the object not even deleting. please help me.

(FlyingBanana) #2

That is a shortcut for the group selections. If you select the object and Shift+Ctrl+Alt+G that will remove the selected object from all groups. That might be your issue but the Shift+G still requires a selection from a popup menu for a shortcut key so just Shift+G alone shouldn’t have done anything. Ctrl+G will create a green outline around the object as it puts it into a group.

(Eze Delaney) #3

thankss it really helped me