shift + right click in rendered view

Does anybody know what it changes? My image’s white value changes but I’d like to know how to reset it to default. And maybe find out if there’s a use for this.

Thanks in advance.

Found it. The white value can be found in the scene properties panel under Color Management. Select use curves and set the white level values to 1, 1, 1.

Yes, there is a use for that. Shift-RightClick sets the white level, and Ctrl-RightClick sets the black level. My default scene, parented under the lights, is a (usually) hidden plane, with pure white and pure black diffuse materials. Turn it on in a test render and set the black and white levels to stretch the scene’s contrast to the visible range. As I understand it, and I really don’t, the first step in color correction is getting the white and black levels sorted out.

EDIT: Had to go and track down where I saw that. it was CynicatPro, on YouTube.
Watch the annotations at about 9:00 into the vid.