Shift+Spacebar isn't working (2.92.0)

The “Maximize Area” shortcut (Shift + Spacebar) isn’t working, even though in Preferences this is definitely the promised shortcut. (It also appears next to “maximize area” on the margin bar, further confirming that Blender thinks that’s the shortcut. Pressing this key combination doesn’t do anything, and I don’t know why not. (Version 2.92.0 latest.)

Shouldn’t it be ctrl+spacebar? 'Cuz with default keymap, spacebar and shift+spacebar behavior is chosen in the keymap preferences, and it’s not supposed to be bound to maximize area.

Shift Spacebar is shortcut to maximize aree in 2.79.
But since 2.80, Shift Spacebar is used for toolbar.

So, if in 2.92, for shift spacebar to maximize area, you have to use Blender 2.7x keymap or a custom keymap.

I’m looking at the keymap in Preferences, and even on the window margin it shows: " ^ Spacebar " when you right-click … but it simply doesn’t work. The preferences actually list three sequences that are supposed to map to this function, but none of them work. I’ve tried just about every combination of modifier-keys along with spacebar and nothing works. Very strange. (MacBook Pro.)

Hm. Not sure what to say here. This is with the default keymap:

I don’t know what to say either – I haven’t seen anything quite like it. :man_shrugging: