Shifting Animation origin or combining non stationary animations

Hello all, I’m primarily working in Modo, but since I’m having a lot of trouble accomplishing what I need I turned to Blender. Your community is thriving and seems to have a better support.
I’m trying to combine 2 Mixamo animations. The problem is one is not stationary. For instance I have a character that jumps a couple of feet and then I need a second animation shifted so it starts from that place. It starts from zero. Unfortunately I can’t get the second one to start from the position I need it to. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on how to combine static animations, but I can’t figure out or find any guidance on how to accomplish this.

I can parent the second animated mesh to an empy and move it to the position I need it to be. However when I try combining the animations (copying them to one mesh) in NLA editor, the root positons reset…


Did your skeleton have a root bone?

In that case you could offset your root to match the end position of your previous end animation root.(if it moves)

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried doing that and it works when each animation is in it’s own mesh (until I copy animations and stack them into action strips within one mesh to blend them). Then each animation strip starts from origin…

"I tried doing that and it works when each animation is in it’s own mesh "

Sorry. I need you to clarify…are you using bone animation in nla or mesh?

Well I’m new to animation and blender so I’ll try explaining the process. I believe I’m using bone animation.
I uploaded the mesh to Mixamo. Mixamo rigged the mesh. I added the animation preset and downloaded the fbx. Then I applied another animation and downloaded it with as a separate fbx file. That means I have 2 animations. I imported the meshes in Blender as separate fbx files. Both have origin in the world center.

So, when I move the origin of each mesh with its own animation by parenting it to an empty, it works.
But, when I take a mesh without animations and add tracks in NLA and add action strips that link the animations from the other two animated meshes (in effect copying the animations under one roof) origins get reset.

this is the tutorial I used except I need to offset one animation to compensate for the jump-landing location.

Your process around mesh object is a little bit confusing to me. What I ll do. As an old motion builder/blender/max/maya/softimage/explore/… etc. User. Is importing the two fbx files in separate files because as I know blender is not able to merge only animation in one existing skeleton by fbx import. But the two files you have, have the same mesh and the same armature. So, after I ve saved the both files. I ll keep one opened and use file append to merge the second action in this file. Then i could switch those animation in the dopsheet action editor. And for each switched action on my skeleton I ll use it in the Nla editor by the armature. 1 MESH 1 ARMATURE 2 ACTIONS. did you did it like that?

Yes, I imported 2 fbx files that have the same mesh and armature. The only difference is I added a third mesh (same mesh and armature, no animation) and “copied” 2 animations from the first two meshes into the nla actions of the third one. So yes, I ended with 1 mesh, 1 armature and 2 actions. My problem is, second action starts animating in the world center and I can’t move it to start where the first action stops.

I uploaded the file with 2 meshes (as you suggested) for reference if that helps. Here is the file download link:

One mesh has appended “looking around” animation that snaps back to origin. I need to know how to make it animate at the end of the jump cycle.

The other mesh has the original “looking around” animation that is offset to the end of the “jump” animation but it is in a separate mesh.

Select your looking around clip in NLA. Press tab to edit the animation. enter pose mode.Select your Hips. Go to Graph editor. hide all the channels except your Z location.
offset all the keyframes (G Y) to the desired value).
clic on your nla clip to exit your animation edition mode.untitled_Offseted.blend.7z (798.9 KB)
happy blending

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to avoid slipping foot you can create temporary IK solvers then animate your constraint influences.

Well, amazingly, but after a whole day, thanks to your guidance I did it, just can’t export both clips as an FBX. Only one track exports for some reason eventhough I’m exporting all actions and NLA strips

I have readed somewhere here that there is a bug in baking NLA tracks. I dont know if it s solved in 2.82.

So as it is, I can’t export NLA tracks as one fbx animation file? … There goes a day of work :smiley:

not at all. download the 2.82 and try . In 3d there is always a way to do stuffs.
for example. constraining all bones of another skeleton to this one. and bake action out of the nla .
See you in 8h .I m going to bed.

Thank you for all your help :slight_smile: Have a good rest.

edit: I did it - I exported tracks by deselecting NLA and All Actions. One would think that when these are deselected only a single track would be exported, and when you select those options, all will be included. Counter intuitively, when they are deselected everything is exported as one track. However when you look at the tooltip it kinda makes sense. That being said, expanded tooltip name would be less confusing.

It must be written in the doc that nobody read.

Quite true, however, at times, there are those of us who are jumping from one app to the other and have a very short timeframe for it in order to do something the other app can’t (beside spending a lot of time figuring out how to do it there). Also there is a fatigue in constantly learning something. I read all I could get my hands on with Modo… now, to re-read everything again … Luckily the tool tips are quite explanatory :slight_smile: Thank you again for taking the time to help me out :blush:

It works! I thank you for the indications, I have been trying to understand how to solve the problem for 2 days!
Now I would like to understand why to move the animation in Y I have to act on Z Location