Shinkai : Short film


(thorst) #21

Thank you for the explanation. You do a wonderful work!

(pflex1984) #22

Astounding. I love seeing the progress too. Really inspiring stuff!


(Leonard Sam) #23

Amazing work
I really want to know how you simulated the underwater effect

(Syblend) #24

Thank you very much for all your kind comments. You are really motivating me ! :slight_smile:

Currently, I progressed a lot ! I rendered 2min10/3min20… I’m working fast and I think I can finish soon… before october, maybe in september.

Today this is some new pictures and explanations for @Leonard_Sam

The underwater effect is very simple to do ! The most important thing is volumes. Here are my environment settings :
The lighting is extremly simple. I have an unique colored emitter surface :

The rest of the work is done in postproduction. I have some effect layers :

  • Color correction to make the picture very blue and green.

  • Chromatic aberration and vignette

  • Denoiser

  • Diffusion effect

As you can see, there is nothing complexe here.

New pictures from the shortfilm (rock models bought on cgtrader) :

I planed to add some water bubbles footage I need to make. I probably will share it for free. Next, I will render the last minute.

(Leonard Sam) #25

Great information

(hoverBOX Creative) #26

I really enjoy the progress that you’ve shown. It’s a great display of the tools.

(Syblend) #27

Thank you !
I will finish the film soon (2-3 week).
I just have to improve a few scenes and make the last one :slight_smile:


The under water visuals look great! Good job!

(Syblend) #29

I got many questions about the lighting setup. That’s why I decided to upload the first scene’s file in blendswap.
File available here :

(Horng) #30


I like your work. Very nice animation. :+1:

I write story and wanted to make them into animation film. If you interest in making a story film after this project let me know ya?

(rombout) #31

Could you explain how you did the debris movement. Is that perhaps particles with some kind attractor in the scene?

(Syblend) #32

Hi !
@Horng_Horizons I am wondering about making a new short film next year. If you still want to share me your stories can you send me a private message ? :slight_smile:
@rombout Of course ! I simply used a particles emitter object. To control the rocks movement precisely I changed the “gravity” parameter. There is no attractor in the scene, I did not needed it.
I take advantage from your message to share to you a little video montage I made to summary years of blender learning and my progress with this lovely software. I hope it could be inspiring for beginners.