Shinkai : Short film


I’m currently working on a short film project. It will show the expedition of a japanese submarine : The shinkaï 6500 (it’s a real submarine that can explore very deep in the oceans).

To make it, I use principally blender. Sometimes I use Zbrush for sculpting organic things, substance painter and After effect. I thank sheepit I’m using for some renders.

For the moment, I finished the scenario and I did the shinkaï model. I modelled a tiger shark too that will have a little role in my film. I’m currently doing a lot of animating et rendering tests before to work on the final scenes and modelling some objects I will need for the film.

I’m not a professional and I’m working on it during my holidays (I’m a student, not in 3D). But I will do my best to end this exciting project.

This is an extract of my last work
The shinkai 6500 :

The Tiger shark :

VFX test about underwater bubbles :

Tuto (french) :

The shinkai’s blueprint I did in blender.

That’s all for the moment… I hope you will like it and I will try to add more pictures soon :slight_smile:
(Sorry for my academic english)

Everything looks like it’s working at a very pro level at this early stage.

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This looks amazing, One criticism I would have is that sharks only bend from side to side, their anatomy doesn’t allow them to bend like dolphins

Thank you for your replies !
@ChameleonScales you are right. I will take your comment to improve the definitive scenes.

I started to work on the animatic. I will show you the progress soon !

Begin of the animatic :

For the real scenes of the short film I will refine the movements and improve all the text effects.
I’m just searching the best camera angles, timing and musics for the moment.

The next scene will show the submarine exploring a rock in the deep sea. I will probably need to model some fishes.

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Hi !
Here are the first 2 minutes of animatic :slight_smile:
!All text effects will be replaced in the definitive scenes!

I did a first environment test (I used world machine) :
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Wow. This looks highly professional. Looking forward to the next update!

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I just realised 30 more second of animatic… with the shark attack scene. I will show you the updates soon on youtube.

Volumetrics test with Blender Eevee :

Today I finished the animatic… I begin the production tomorrow :slight_smile:


The first scene is rendering on sheep it !

Render test (no compositing) :

Volumetrics in eevee :

I am waiting for your comments :slight_smile:

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I like your volumetrics with their particles. However, marine snow falls more slowly.
Do you use a real volume pass or do you just plan to blend the volume in add mode ?

Thanks for your reply. I will slow it !
For the volumetrics I will use it with the add mode.

Renders from the first scene :

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@Syblend How do you get volume absorption then ? With a Z pass ?

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High quality and cinematic look, well done!

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Thank you for your tip and encouragements :slight_smile:
I made a lot of progress today… more renders soon !

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This looks amazing.

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Thank you ! :slight_smile:
This is 3 new pictures from the film :

I realized 1min20 / 3min20 of animation… but I want to show all at the end of the project.

My holidays are finished today. I am in the second year of medicine so that will be hard to work all days.
I think I can finish the movie before october… I will do my best !

Looks perfect! I’d be interested to know your compositing node tree, or which render layers you use and how you combine them. Is it all Eevee now?

The only small nitpick I have is the chromatic aberration, which I think you have set a bit too high. In the second picture of your last post, you can see at the propeller fairing that the magenta is shifted so much that it doesn’t even touch the white ring. Realistically it should be a smooth transition which is not feasible with the simple model of shifting the colour channels.

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Hi ! And thank you !

For the compositing I’m doing it in After effect, not in Blender… this is a little breakdown :

  1. Render in Cycle + AfterEffect denoiser :

    2)Halo in evee :
  2. Flares in Blender :

    Flares’ compositing (I used this tuto : :
  3. : Example of a scene :

    About the chromatic aberrations you are totally right. I change it immediatly ! (I love this effect… so I use it too much)

I really like the underwater effects. Very impressive.

Good luck in med school