shiny metal material and texture

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a project and I’m having some trouble making a realistic looking metal texture and I’m kinda stuck. Does anyone have any tips or know any tutorials?:confused:

A good looking metal depends a lot on the environment that it reflects. So you need to not only enable Ray Mirror in the Shading (F5) panel and change the RayMir value to the amount you want the material to be reflective, but you also either have to create other objects and scenery or give the world a texture to reflect in the mirror-shinyness of the metal. I would suggest playing around with a free lightprobe from set as an image texture applied to the World of your Blender scene. You will want to download the .hdr versions to load in a new texture set to type image, and in the Map To tab of the World buttons in the Shading (F5) panel click Hori for it to show up correctly.

Two different lightprobes show how different a mirror metal can look in different environments: