Ship Bulkhead Wall Light - Game Asset


I am working on some lighting game assets and I wanted to get your opinion/critique.

The stats are as follow:

  • Base Frame = 236 verts/240 faces
  • Open emitter = 106 verts/105 faces
  • Closed emitter = 103 verts/100 faces

That means the open light has 342 verts and the closed light has 339 verts.

I am going for realism as you would find in a modern FPS. Each version of the light has an ON and OFF colour map (as shown below), spec, normal, and illuminance maps.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Looks wonderful, would have been nice to have a picture of it in scene, but by itself it still looks tasty.

Thanks AllanOcelot. It is good to get some feedback when working in isolation :slight_smile:

hey there too much different colors maybe try flatter colors and you could almost afford less pollys here and there but apart from that good job

Jason Kelly
CEO at
Atomic Level Gaming Studio

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your feedback.

Flatter colours is an excellent suggestion . I will give that a go and post the result soon.


Very good model, i especially like the glass cover. Good detailing.

Thanks Evil Resident.

Hi everyone. Here is an update with desaturated colours.