Ship modeling

Hi guys i`m to new to blender and here and i have just starting modeling and have set myself a project to make my self a cargo ship, i have kind of got the style if ship i wanted but not to sure on how to add details and things.

Hope someones got some pointers and this is in the right place.

Kind Regards


Hi Gh0styuk, welcome to If you haven’t yet check out some of the modeling tutorials around, if you’re new to 3D it can make the learning curve much softer and less frustrating.

The biggest pointers I’ve found to be helpful in getting from where you are now, to a ship that looks passable with details is something along these lines.

Treat what you have now as a rough sketch, play with overall proportions and sizes now while you can. When you’re happy with what you got, save, and then start building it more or less part by part. For large body panels I will duplicate my “sketch” and cut off the panels from the rest of the ship, then modify that as needed. Another critical thing is to know what a part does and why it should look the way it does. Be very, very sparing when adding anything that has no particular function other then cosmetic. Finally, if you’re not sure what to put somewhere, but you know it needs something to add detail/interest the best option is to back out and see what the ship is missing as a whole.
(I know that most of this advice is kinda vague general ideas, but that is in part on purpose, as those will be something often overlooked or missed by specific tutorials.)

hope that’s helpful, feel free to ask questions.

Fair warning here: I’m a hardcore, hardwired SF fhan and a role playing gamer of the gearhead variety, so my advice may be harder in tech terms than you want.

I try to make shipe, thos quite different from yours. I prefer the star wars/battlestar galactica genre of hard lookign ships with lots of angles and planes instead of smooth curves and such, I just never see the poijt of streamlining in space.

The things to think on when making a SF ship are basically what kind of tech and science is it based on, what is it supposed to do and how does it do it? Does it enter atmosphere? Is it space only? Does it have FTL ability, shields, weapons, etc?

Your ship’s a cargo vessel, so it needs cargo space and ways to quickly and efficiently load and offload cargo. What are those things on the sides? Are they some type of engine housing, force field generator or cargo bays? If they’re bays add cargo doors to them.

Does the ship land? If so hows doe it land? Does it have landing gear or does it land on water?

Is the hull streamlined for atmosphere entry? Does it use aerodynamic fields to atmospheric work?

The more detail you put into the technical thought the better the ship turns out, IME. On ships I try to make (I’m still weak at blender) every part has a function I can describe.

Thank you for your words of wisdom and have spent today thinking about what my ship it is and what it does, followed by how i am going to build it in parts i`m really looking forward to build this ship and the story along with it.