(ScottishPig) #1

Of course it’s a ship! —A rerender of an old favourite, I hope you like it. :smiley:

(ScottishPig) #2

In case the bandwidth limit is reached- here’s an alternate URL,

(lerpiedood) #3

Good, great work!! This is some of the greatest work I ever seen done with Blender. ScottishPig, you are a god. And this has some awesome rendering skills

(S68) #4

Cool! Excellend modelling and rendering!
(except, maybe, for the complete lack of openings in the hull :wink: )

Cute name too :smiley:


(ScottishPig) #5


(schock) #6

Is this supposed to be a diferent ship? It looks very similar to your others?
To be honest this pic needs much more detail. In wood texture and in geometry. It still just looks like a toy boat to me.
Anyway I am not hear to kiss ass but to critique, this pic needs alot of work. Take it to another level.


(ScottishPig) #7

Thank you schock for not kissing my ass (Even though I was enjoying it)- You’re right. It is a rerender (Which was stated in the openning sentence) and I am adding more detail. I have added alot of detail already. I’ve changed the shape of the hull, added davits & lifeboats (late 1800’s lifeboats were around…) and I’ve worked a little on the rigging. It, I agree, does need more work, and more work it shall have.

(hannibar) #8

Why don’t you try some radiosity? I’m sure it would add alot to the quality of the image! You should do some experiments with it.

Other than that it looks good (as usual).


(gyra5) #9

It looks like you have some weird artifacts at the bottom of the image in the water, and slightly above that. What is it? Foam?

(ScottishPig) #10

Foam? It’s a thought, at least.

Actually, I put it that way only because it added to the eerie effect of the pic.

Side note:
I have a few really young cousins and I show them some of my pics- this one I showed & told a tragic ghost story. I scared the crap outta them.