Here is my latest project i am redoing the whole container ship to a whole new level of a cargo ship right now it is just a start everything is still in rough stage and not to scale yet and feel free to comment on it or give feed back and anyone that knows out i can do a large body of water please let me know how to besides UV mapping it


come on a picture please!?

sorry…i cant understand what your saying without a picture for it…
Nevermind i was early :smiley:

also UV mapping it might be the best way i know, you could possibly achieve a better look in the outcome with just an image texture and just tile it then use a sort of glass texture or something and itll have to be set with Mirror too so it would reflect…you might be able to do it that way…

i am going for a realstic look on the water and pushing my laptop to its limit on this one but and sorry about that i clicked ppost before i uploaded the image

cool i am trying to do the same with an image of mine, its turning out to be very high maintenance