Shipyard Scene

This will be the WIP thread for Scifi Industrial Zone contest at Hum3D.

First thing first, brainstorming session, looking at references, decided on going for indoor scene featuring hangar/shipyard with a spaceship during assembly/building phase.

Below is blockout using existing assets so next/final looks will be entirely different. These are (mostly) subject to replacement with newer models. Trying out some camera angles (A,C), also variation with window frames (B,D).

Want to capture a bit of scenery outside of the facility (space/planet for now though also thinking about planetside machineries/assembly line etc.), also to feature 1-2 character(s), which will most probably use borrowed assets. Prefer the windowed ones but need to make the frame less obstructive (actually still torn between A or D).

Early blockout with some new assets, mainly want to see placement of elements. The red orb thingies will be some kind of power or weapon core which are being loaded into the ship.

I think I will prefer the second one, there’s more space to view. I used different (wider) resolution too for it.

Btw, character model is from Sketchfab, not final yet. Might update again tommorrow/soon as I have more recent ones already in progress.


Most recent update, refining things and starting modeling some of the hangar and platform.

When making it, was having thought of trying alternate outdoor scene so there will be less walls and machineries with space bg (viewing platform will still be there). Currently still prefer the indoor one, will see how that develops later.

PS. this post might look like I made them very quickly (as well as the first posts) but actually took some days apart, it’s because I postponed and then forgot to upload eventhough I had done some progresses and screencaps.


I like where this is going, so please keep it up, best of luck for the challenge and thanks for sharing!

Thank you, and will do ! :+1:

Update on the shipyard, mainly add details to the environment, added a glass object on the border of the viewing room, also got a military officer model from Sketchfab to accompany the lady. Need to tweak them later.

Plan to place an entrance point to the working area, then still need to add more machineries, also work more on the currently neglected ship itself since it’s the star of the show. I think I need to show more of the red glowing parts that already installed at the back of the ship.

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Still busy dressing the environment instead of the ship, lol. Btw, forgot to show some references on cranes and stuffs. There are some more that I don’t show here to keep things focused.

Made gantry crane and some pipes, also added scaffoldings/platform from Kitbash3D pack. Desaturated the officers uniform so the focus is on the lady, also as I want to keep the grey and red/yellow palette.

Also made these warning signs, but too small/far/obstructed to be noticed as of now, will need to reposition them elsewhere … Might fit on an airlock as entrypoint to the working area, but still unsure about adding that without breaking the focus too much.


There is one important thing that I need to tackle here. The working area (beyond the window/room) is meant to be a zero or low gravity area, hence the anchoring cables extending from some parts of the ship. The crane and scaffolding, however, suggests the opposite. I’m thinking of replacing the pulleys with robotic arms, and maybe alter the scaffolding system. Other alternative would be making the area as normal gravity one, but will need to add support structures for the ship which might become to tall or too disrupting on the view, especially considering its structure/shape. Maybe I’ll just make it as outdoor scene, also a viable option.

On that note, will need to add workers around the ship next, either human or robotic. Floating workers would be great to help populate the scene, btw, which fits the low gravity area idea.


I take it they probably spend a couple of MW on generating artificial gravity somehow, just to then utilize heavy equipment to counteract it again. ^^
Those guys are real efficient… :ok_hand:

Just kidding, don’t mind me.

greetings, Kologe

Hahah, that’s plausible ! :laughing:

Haven’t added much, got too many else to do. Just wanted to try out outdoor version (because I had an impulse idea of something like this), planet bg and stuffs only a quick addition from NASA. Added a small hologram display of the ship on the left, might move it closer to the characters later.

Looks fancier for sure, but the lighting and background objects made it somewhat hard to distinguish the focal elements. The blue tone might disrupt the palette too. Overall, I think I still favor the indoor version.

Had an idea to limit/cut the viewing platform on the left side so I can have more room to show more machineries …

… which turned out to be a bad idea as the columns ended up blocking too much view, lol.

So yeah, back to previous concept, been added some working robots (from past work) and stuffs around (some from Kitbash3D pack), more details on the ship, moved and changed the hologram display to orange-ish to maintain palette. I also punched some holes in the wall in the background to allow some outdoor view but still maintain the indoor lighting, getting best of both worlds.

I think this will be pretty much represent the final arrangement with some more minor tweaking later (minus the postpro adjusments). Actually want to add more stuffs but my machine has started protesting… (have used instances and selective collection views, btw). Deadline is in about less than a week so better start finishing up!


Finally finished, yay! See here for the final version. Thanks to all who have followed this small WIP, hope you enjoy it!


Nice! How did you approach the paneling?

Thank you! You mean panels on the ship? I just used simple thin (solidified) plane object as boolean cutter.

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