Shirt Sleeve moves when I make armature the parent.

I am following the clothes tutorial at
I am making a shirt sleeve for the arm.
I am using the arm from the basemesh_male model that the video suggests.
I put an armature on arm and make it a parent and get it working.
Then I make the shirt sleeve following the videos instructions.
I then have to make the armature the parent of the sleeve, but when I do the sleeve moves to the wrong place and when I go into edit mode to edit the sleeve it is in a different place from where it was in object mode.
So if I try and get it right in edit mode it will still be wrong in object mode.
Can someone tell me why this is happening.:slight_smile:

G’day Belinda

I’m a newby that struck the same problem.

Try going to Pose mode, then hitting alt-G and alt-R, then doing the same in Object mode. If you check the menu items that pop up in Pose mode to accept them, the items should align. Don’t hit alt-S, or possibly your scale will be reset.

Please post if it works or not.