I made this model after being inspired by an image of a Brass idol i saw on the internet

Model sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Blender

All the textures and materials are made from the inbuilt textures in Blender


Did U use SSS? I think U used a diffuse shader mixed with a glossy.

No I did not use SSS , you are right I used a Diffuse shader mixed with Glossy shader , I used inbuilt textures for the marble effect and also i have a very subtle Noise plugged into displacement for bump .

i use prozedural marble textures with cloudtextures. this makes the marbletextures dissapere at some places. looks more realistic.

It is a very nice statue from the front. Very unique, which is a major plus, because it means you dont simply follow anyone. So i would say keep this devine spark of inspiration and see where it takes you. Haha.

Here are some links that can help you on the composition of the material: