Shoe Modeling

I am trying to model a shoe.
Can someone help me with the best way to UV unwrap this. Not sure if it matters but I have used a solidify modifier and have also applied it :confused:
Would rather not remodel it.

make two seams, one inside, and one outside, separating the sole from the shoe. then I would make a seam along the upper edges, and one more bisecting, vertically, the heel area, from back view. I am pretty sure that will work.

Thanks for the help Modron.
In the image I attached in the first post i have isolated only the top of the shoe (sole is separate and hidden), the bottom is open.
I added 1 crease to the top and one to the back as seen below,

which has helped but can it get better then this?


Well, I suppose the “real-life” example for that shoe is not made out of a single piece of leather/fabric etc., either? So, where would the seams/stitches on a real shoe be?

sorry I didn’t mean to literally separate the sole from the shoe, just in terms of UV islands. But I think that unwrap could work, it just needs a little tweak using the ‘live unwrap’ function.
(edit) oh, the sole is hidden…sorry, missed that part.