Shoot out- Blue vs The Reds

I completed this about 3 years ago, i did it as a way to keep my 3d skills going with little time to work on it. I did most of it at school, simple models, simple environment. This was also an opportunity to learn blender composite as well which i used to the best i could, the only thing i think is missing is a little DoF, and higher resolution reflections…

The final render was completed on my laptop since school computers couldn’t render higher resolutions quick enough.

I also planned on doing a tutorial one day on using these easy to make blob guys for practice rendering :stuck_out_tongue:

3 years ago? what’ve you done since?

Mostly modeling, i’ve been wanting to do a full scene with my own characters for so long, but things keep getting in the way. So its taking a long time, you might see something new from me sometime.

I’ll post the characters eventually…