Shoot Up: Looking for Artists

I need a few models made for my game level for the game I am working on. I hope on finishing one game level to demo the game and launch a Kickstarter to fund the full game. Future Paid Opportunity is likely. To sign up, respond below with what model you are interested in making and your email so I can mail you the details. Your work will be protected.

  • 2 Story Apartment Building (Unfurnished, Not Textured)
  • Storage Facility Ruins (Furnished, Not Textured)
  • Wildlife Landscape (Textured)
  • Parking Lot (Not Textured, Unfurnished)
  • Underground Train Station (Not Textured, Furnished, No Train Required)
  • Construction Vehicles (Not Textured)

Please check below to see if anybody has already requested to model a certain model. If game does not succeed, I will own no rights to your models.

How big do you want the apartment building? Inner Hallway or outer separate entrances? How many apartments?

Like this?

And this?

I like this one, but make it big and easy to navigate around. Appreciate the help.

I like this one.

You are going to have to be a little more specific as to which and how to get them to you. I can make the apartments more maze like. And “O” shape with a pool in the center.

As for the train station. Is that fine or do you need more platforms and possibly stairs to leave it?

It would help to chat on via email. I like the firs one you uploaded and I simply need to tell you everything that needs to be inside the rooms.