Shooting Star

hi all. this is a test render of my very first 3d project. i’ve been fooling around half-heartedly with blender for a few months now and i feel like I’m getting a bit more comfortable with 3d modeling in general.

basically, this a ‘look at me aren’t i pretty?’ post because i need some encouragement to keep some forward momentum. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i’ve still got a ways to go on this one but if you have any advice or nits to be picked please contribute!

Looks like it’s from someone with more than 3 months experience! You should change the colour to red, I think yellow is too bright, still very good though.

The floor is very good really! CYCLES? can you send material for it or texture?

it looks like the front wheels are tucked up inside of the wheel wells with zero clearance to the sides and top
how do they pivot for steering?

AGH! my eyes very bright, nice work though looks good for only a few months exp. If i may the emit value is a bit high the car looks like it’s glowing OO try some reflection map and play around with the spec and hard values.

Well, I “fooling” around with blender for more than three month, and I don’t thick I could do this. Though I would have to second Ross on the color change. I think that a duller color would show off the structure of the model better.
Can you post some renders from different angles?

thanks for the input everyone.

this render is from the blender internal engine, not cycles.

i think the color is too intense but i believe it’s all down to lighting. i’ve been concentrating on the modeling and ignoring the lighting so far. i’m experimenting with the lights and just haven’t gotten it solved yet. still a ways to go.

i’ve recently examined the bmw 3 series that bartek skorupa used in the latest blender cookie tutorial (that’s where i got the background) i’ll probably try mimicking the lighting on that at some point and see what i come up with.

i’ll try to get a few more angles and post them later.

here’s a rear 3/4 view. i think i still have some work to do on the quarterpanel to smooth it out and obviously there’s no suspension or undercarriage yet. still working on getting the taillights to glow properly too.

so… one more new render with some experimentation in the light setup i think the color is about what i’m looking for now.