Shopie vs Red Animatiob

Finally finished this short animation in blender.
though it has many errors, I prefer that you see it instead to get lost in my hard drive.

Not bad for a start. Feels a bit slow, but you were able to get the story across to the viewer.

wahoo it’s amazing !
ty to share that with us !

I wouldn’t say it has errors so much as it’s just not quite finished. You’ve pretty much blocked out your story. You just need to get those animations fully fleshed out scene by scene, assuming you’ve got the motivation to finish it.

I’ll try, thanks

Thanks, I appreciate your comment

Clever girl. Nice storytelling. You have some really nice bits of animation showing her thoughts (facial expressions, hand gestures) which bring your puppet to life.

I agree with daveleitz, you have a rough blocking but it still needs work.

Some of the timing seems off, especially once she begins fighting the giant robot. Even if the robot moves slowly (and it might) she would probably move much faster to try to avoid injury or worse.