shopping for a cheap GPS

Well, I’ve pretty much looked everywhere online, and I still have no definite answers between a Tomtom One 3rd edition and Garmin 200 series. Seems like the Garmins can’t be used unless they are fully charged, which seems like a hassle, but people say they work better here in the states, and have a longer battery life… Anyone own one of these who can share their experiences? Thanks

I have Garmin 200 nuvi or something like that. It works for hours without charging and yes they will work even at 15% charged. At least mine does.

As a driver I used GPS for hours a day all over the northeast and I can tell you that fallowing gps systems for long runs is not a good idea. If you want I’ll explain why.

Thanks for the reply, and suddenly I am curious as to why it is not recommended to use a GPS on a long trip. I think I will get the Garmin today.

See my explanation here.

I use google maps for the blackberry for most of my gps needs and it works pretty good. Still need to look at the map book for long drives since it will try to keep you on the interstates as much as possible for example going from Albuquerque to Dallas/Ft Worth it will send you through OKC and then south instead of taking the more direct/faster route down US-287.

But most of the time it doesn’t matter and I just use it to confirm the (quite often wrong) directions from the company to get to the customer, mostly just use it to estimate the time it will take to get there from here.

I also have a pretty old Garmin that saved our bacon a couple times during the Iraq invasion when taking a wrong turn would get hill named after you.

I guess the big difference is how much long distance driving you do, not very much it is easy enough to punch it into regular google maps to see what’s the best/fastest route.