Shore House

This is my latest project which is based on a real house by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects. The house is supposed to give a beachy, summer vacation vibe.
Please comment ways I can improve, or anything you want.:slight_smile:

Render time: 10h 30m
Picture size: 4,325 by 2,775
Samples: 1000

Amazing work. It looks so real! Only thing I would do would be tone down the shininess on the wood floor. Right now it looks like it’s made out of laminate. :stuck_out_tongue:

@JabuJabule, I guess didn’t realize the floor looked to much like laminate. Im going for the hardwood look so ill tone done the reflectivity. Thanks for the input

The quickest giveaway to me that it’s 3d, is that I’ve never seen a beach with plants that grew that sporradically. I used to live on a beach, and every time I’ve seen plants on the sand, they cluster together a lot more. There’ll almost be patches of grass, and then nothing.

Here’s some references:

Other than that, the actual render looks great. I think if the plants were arranged a little more realistically, it would be very difficult to tell that this is CG.

@GaretMcKinley thanks for the input, I really see what your saying about the clusters because l live in Florida, and I will definitely try clustering the plants together. Currently I am using weighted paint but I don’t think its giving the right effect, so I was wondering if I should make the cluster of grass first and then use a particle system?
Thanks for the kind words and input.