short and funny animation(400 kb only)

here is my latest avatar.
made with blender, converted into gif with gifmaker

C&C welcome
btw, im aware of the blood "bug"in the middle of the animation.

Smooth work…

Two crits:

  1. At the point of the head bite, red appears to the left of the frame. Seems misplaced.
  2. There is dithering (dots) in the image. Probably caused by the conversion process. For a GIF, if you can knock out those dots, you’ll knock down the file size. I would make the ground, the man and perhaps the bush flat colour. I like the shading on the beast, though it could either way also work as flat colour.

Your original is 472K.
Using a couple of optimising tricks, this version is 291K.

The biggest trick would be to knock out the dithering altogether and define exact colours for th GIF (white, black, red, green and one or two greys). If you were to opitimise the GIF after the colours were changes, chances are you could get it half size again, perhaps smaller.

I enjoyed watching that. It reminded me of what I used to do on the corners of my math and english books. Hmm, maybe I should go around finding kids who do corner flipping animation in their textbooks and introduce them to blender. By the time they’re my age, they’ll be experts.

lol…that’s a funny clip:D

haha Nice… :smiley:

Heh, I haven’t used animated gifs for years…

why so…they are so funny.personally, i love these stick videos.I just like that kind of humour