Short animation: Waves

Here’s a short animation I made to try out the wave generator (which I’ve just discovered):

Very well done with the wave feature… something that people rarely use in blender in my opinion. Keep it up! :smiley:

yes…very wicked but the barrel is acting weird

yeah, did you subsurf the barrel? If not, set it solid. The water looks nice, but the vids a bit dark

Oooh! Cool stuff!

I dont’ know much about this whole fluid thing, but did the barrel cause the waves, or were the waves there, and then you lined up the barrel?

its not fluid, wave is a modifier in the modifier stacks…its been with blender for a while…

ah cool, I need to try that some time

ppp yoman: I know, the barrel got a bit mucked up when I subsurfed it.
Yoeri: Yes, the barrel is subsurfed, but it looked a lot stranger without it. The video wasn’t that dark on my computer, I think that just happened as it was uploaded onto YouTube.

Barrel looks like it would need recalculating normals or am I wrong?

Probably… Unfortunately I didn’t know about that when I made this.

It’s not normals that are messed up, it’s doubles. Press W and select remove doubles, then you won’t have the flashing black artifacts.

Ah, right. Thanks!