short film "Banachnid!"

As the title indicates, I just finished work on a (mostly) live-action short called “Banachnid!”. Now what’s the genre of that thing again… Is it Horror? Yeah, it’s a kind of small-scale creature feature I suppose…

The film is about some slacker college student who was given a shoe box by some other student who apparently is a kick-ass biology/gene-manipulation wizard. Said box contained a bullfrog - or did it?

Anyway, whatever was in there, it’s now living in the protagonists bathtub. Hilarity ensues :wink:

All VFX and title animations were done using Blender. Especially the new compositing functionality came in handy. The Gimp was used as well, and so was other free/open software like Audacity.

In case you happen to understand German, please grabthis version (64MB).
Otherwise, a version with English language subtitles is also available (64MB).

A website with some nifty B-Movie style poster art for the film and the same links can be found here.


downloading now! i’ll tell ya what i think as soon as i watch it!

I finally got around to watching this! Good stuff! The effects were quite well done. I also really like the cliff-hanger ending!

Hahaha thats weiard!! The spider thing could be better, but its oay… very fun story :smiley:

very good. The story gets me. It gave me a really scary feeling. Is there a part 2 coming?

i was just thinking…the spider would probably benefit from a darker material, perhaps with some tiny hairs or something, more like a tarantula or something

Thanks for your kind replies!

I didn’t want hairs on the spider creature (“banachnid” = banana + arachnid) because I think that “slick” spiders are more scary. Furry spiders like tarantulas are almost cute in a certain way :wink:

In order to create the colormap texture for the banachnid, I carefully “unwrapped” a real banana and scanned the resulting slices using a flatbed scanner. There is this advice of making skin textures “twice the width of the output screen format”, and I ended up with 2048x2048px image full of tiny details. However, most of those details have vanished by the time you see the creature on screen due to the camera-to-creature distance and texture filtering. There is also an elaborate Gimp script involved, which I wrote to make the clean CGI shots match the MiniDV camera footage.

The ending is supposed to be a weird “WTF?!” ending. The guy who created the banachnid creature sends another homegrown monster to kill the hero because he knew too much about those crazy experiments. That’s why you hear car doors being slammed shut and a vehicle driving away when the student guy opens the door. The bipedal creature at the end was dropped off, so to speak :wink:

It’s also fully modelled and animated, but untextured. Maybe I will post a rendering of that creature later today. It is known as the “uber-shark”…

whats the codex???

The video codec is XviD and the sound is MP3 encoded. It shouldn’t take an advanced multimedia player setup to get proper playback. VLC, MPlayer and xine are all good candidates.

I personally prefer other formats, but things like Matroska containers with Ogg Vorbis soundtracks can be troublesome for the end user.

Why do you say that when your Matroska and Ogg are freely available to anyone? Hehe are you trying to say your average user is a Windows slave?

Kinda fun film. Music was great, just like the ‘modern’ stuff people in fancy music schools compose!

What bothered me was the toilet door, first it opens from the toilet mirror side, then suddenly on the tub side - the guy changed his toilet door?

Also dramatically it was just a bit slow. At least minute should/could be cut out.

I applaud your effort. Would be nice to see the movie after the next movie you make :wink:

I just tried to release the film in a form that doesn’t require any special player or bleeding-edge codec installation to enjoy both picture and sound :wink:

Watching videos should be as easy as pie for everyone.

The toilet door hinge doesn’t change its position. This would normally require some shot being flipped, and that was one trick I did not have to resort to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed critcism, pikseli.

Generally quite good. A well built and animated spider, and very good camera-tracking (what did you use?). The whole thing is better lit than most horror films. The film image frose on me a few times - Maybe I should try a better player? What happened to the egg-sack?

Haha, this is creepy! I love it :slight_smile:

I used good ole ICARUS for the camera tracking. I’m quite pleased with the results.

The cocoon shot is basically just your typical “something is still alive! prepare for at least one sequel!” cliché horrorfilm element.

Maybe I just watched ticks too many times, I don’t know :wink: