Short film ; Le Dernier Pantin


I’ve just finish this short film.

I did it with Blender, and rendered with Cycle.

I did it for a school work, however i’m not in a 3D school, just in a general knowledge school, called “Collège”.

Of course there are lots of things to improved, but I had a date to finish it.

Thanks for your watching and your comments !

Really nice job, I bet it took you a long time. Just a couple things that bothered me … that paint brush that falls was way too flat it needed a lot more depth. The saw blades would have been much more realistic if they were spinning super fast like blades do.

But other than that, a really good job on this project, and I hope you get an A, because there was a lot of effort you put into this.
One quick question, when you saw the room through the eyes of the puppet at around 1:10 in the video, the camera moves around the room and it had a really strange but cool effect with the perspective… how did you do that, just curious.?

Thanks @harleynut97!
I took one year to do it, but just sometimes in my free-time.

For the perspective you have to change fhe focal length, in the camera control panel. The default value is 35, in the at 1:10 it is about 10.

Whoa now we are talking animation. Just outstanding in my humble opinion. I do hope you stay with it in the future. theoldghost

Thanks for posting! Not only is it a nice animation, but a great story as well!! I started feeling a little nervous with the blades scene! Cheers!

your school mates must be impressed!I enjoyed watching your film, I hope you keep your work up!

nice! i really liked the cinematography

good idea for your short film, bravo !

nice work! a work for a maturity…?
where is your college, in geneva, lausane???
What is your college name.

très beau travail :wink:

Thanks for all your comments, I’m glad you like it !

Yes this is for a maturity work, my college is in Geneva and it’s the College Mme de Stael.
(Oui c’est pour mon travail de maturité, je suis au Collège Mme de Staël à Genève.)

And If someone lives in Geneva, it’s going to be projected on the “Cinema du Grütli”, the wednesday 6 february at 19h30.

Wow, looks very good. It’s one of the better independently-made Blender shorts I’ve seen. I think the fluid simulation for the paint could have been better, as could the title intro, but all around, good job!

@Owldude Thanks ! Yes it’s right, in fact I had take so much time to understand how interact the paint with the paint can, that I was happy with this result. But it isn’t very realistic…

Hi Damien,
nice animation short and intersting story idea.

Also the details in the workshop are very good, there is just one thing i would criticize, I would expect some dust and saw dust in a workshop like this.

Anyway, well done!

Thanks Georg12, I totally agree with you, I wanted to do it at fist, but then there were so many others points to improve… So, at the end, I have prefere to improve the cinematic side and no the visual side…

I have recently did this image, which improve the principals visuals mistakes in the short-film.

If you want to see the final version of the film, he is also available on Vimeo. There are some fews changes, principally in the mounting.

Bravo! I loved it. I think you did a great job. It was worth watching and with so many short films circling around the internet one must carefully choose which one to watch :slight_smile: So your short made an impression on me. It’s a nice story, and the mood is also on spot. Do make more films!


This a good short film. I like.

Bon boulot, et surtout continu à créer des animations, tu es bien partis.