Short film shot WIP

Hi there.

I’ve got a shot for a short film I’ve been working on. Its a bit of a work in progress. I wanted to get it posted, there is quite a bit of effects changes that I will do in the fullness of time, plus the character animation will probably change.

But let me know your thoughts.

Make sure to watch at 1080p if you can.


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[Edit. Watch the video here cos the quality is a lot better than the embedded video - ]

That’s amazing. I like the camera movement. And I don’t think that the old man’s movement should be changed in general. The only thing I’m thinking about is if he is turning around to late? Most probably he will already turn around when he can hear he stones falling.

The scenery makes me curious about the whole short film. Nice job!

Thanks Minoribus.

Here are a couple stills from the vid.

And a couple shots showing the wall and crumbling platforms.


Very nice! Has a great cinematic feel.