Short film "The Sheriff"

Hey guys,
This is a short film I made mostly with Blender and some Photoshop.
Hope you’ll enjoy it and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Wow! This is something different and I love it! The story is well thought and you told it convincingly with a unique style. The slow pace, the scenes, the monochromatic style, the subtle sound effects - everything is wonderful. While the number of assets in the scenes is reduced, you paid nice attention to details at the same time. And the reduced scenery helps a lot to focus on the story.


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Awesome work there ! Loved it.:heart_eyes:

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I like the film – definitely like the concept and the most-unusual style – despite the several spelling errors in the text. But, at the very end of the movie, I’m left uncertain exactly how the story ends. Literally in the last half-dozen scenes, where we have an extreme close-up of the bad guy’s mouth (and the second frame looks “odd” to me), I don’t know what happened. Then, when the sheriff opens the basement door and looks in, (a) I don’t expect to see a shot-through star there, and (b) I don’t understand what he’s actually looking at. This is critical to my understanding of the story.

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Thank you for this comment!
First of all I would love if you could point the the spelling errors that you saw,
English is not my first language.
I do not want to just explain here the plot but Ill send you a message.

I think it is very cool. But it doesn’t look finished.

Here is what I think it needs mostly:

Some of the models look rough and unfinished or too low polygon with intersecting faces that make it look more like an animatic version. Low poly is OK. But it should be deliberate. This looks more like unfinished.

Some of the cinematography also stays on some shots too long with nothing happening.

To fix this I would suggest:

Add more camera angles
Keep the camera moving in the stills
Some of the scenes just need to be cut faster


And more animated parts. There are interesting parts that work really well when there is animation on the face and so on. And great shots where the camera cuts to create movement.

I think if you added more of these things, it would help.

I like the overall feel to it and style. I just think a little more effort would really put it over the top.