short films in blender?

hey there,

i was wondering if there are any sites that display short films that are done in blender… where can i find’em?

i just want to see what blender can do as far as animation and stuff

This has quite a bit of animation.

The blender site has some nice stuff:

yea, im actully looking for some good blender made demo reels. Any?

Here’s a few animations I know of that haven’t been mentioned:

@ndy’s animations
Enrico Valenza’s dinosaur and other animations
An animation project featuring KDE mascot Konqi the dragon
FWD-REV - a work-in-progress but the trailer is complete
Out of Memory (the file is zipped, though some computers might think it’s a realplayer file)

I don’t know of any site that has a comprehensive listing of animations done with blender; I wish there was such a site.

Also I hope that the blender SIGGRAPH demo reel becomes an annual tradition.

I made this demo reel
It’s a bit old by now.
It needs “in dust we trust” by the chemical brothers.

FWD-REV - a work-in-progress but the trailer is complete

yay, seems they modelled in Wings3d…

Another demo I made (in 1997) using the blender seq editor:
It’s 50Mb so I will remove it in a while.

Has some realtime and some snailtime animation.

-removed file-

they should update the animations gallery… Its been 10 years since 1995

Here are just a few of mine using just Blender, except for compositing sound:

Exercise in mapping animation to differing surfaces and using the sequence editor:

Made for the TenSecondClub Contest using Relative Vertex Keys for the lips synching:

Thanks for looking,

This might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a short I did that featured live actors and a very animated Blender object:

“The Chalice”