Short flyby :)

Hi folks!

Just a short stupid flyby in a canyon… nothing special but I wanted to share it :wink:


It’s DivX 5.0.2 - 24s - 2.47Mb 640x480

Just a question though: If I play it with DivX player it is fine, with Windows Media player even if it says that it had played all 24 seconds (In 24 seconds real time) It actually cuts away last 2/3 seconds!!!

Frame rate problem?


That’s too neat. Makes me want to do one. I know - a canyon flythrough contest! :wink:

As Mr. Rodgers would say - “Thank you for sharing.”

BTW, I’ve seen the weird playback in Media Player thing on Divx content, too. I always happens on my slower machine, though, so it may be a DivX/Mediaplayer bug that only comes to light when your machine isn’t fast enough to interpret the DivX content through Media Player at the current resolution/frame rate. What WMP are you using? Hopefully 6. It’s a lot leaner than the all-encompassing deity-ousting 7.

I haven’t downloaded this yet, I will wait till I get home and do it on my DSL connection.

For the DivX issue, Windows Media Player does not support this codec, until recently I beleive. They did not allow playback of DivX, cause it wasn’t theirs. You know how M$ is. But, I know that the recent Media Player version now allows the playback again. Maybe just update your Media Player and all should be fine.


Stefano !! Coool work…I like it very much !!

is it only Blender and/or LightFlow ??

I like the smoke after the craft, particle system ? hard ?

great work :wink: !!

how did u do the water effekt? is it a std shader from blender? oder a texture? i wonder for a long time now how to do realisitc water in blender

Thanx for comments :slight_smile:

Hehe… another contest, could be an idea :slight_smile: And, yes, my WMP is Vers. 7… It was shipped with OS…

100% blender, just one non-built-in texture (the fighter one).

Yes, there are two particle emitters with just a random emitting, the rest is made by the movement of the fighter and a somewhat complex material Ipo on colour, alpha, Halo size etc.

Yup, I know… I’d say with the two of you which is a machine speed issue… Movi is 600 frames, a.k.a. 24 seconds at 25 fps, but WMP does if at, say 20fps… BUT it cuts the movie at 24 seconds anyway :frowning:

Funny thing is that DivX player is able to show clip in 24 sec…

It is a plane with two Stucci texture bumpmaps, a large scale one and a smaller scale one and, of course, an EnvMap for reflection… changing The Spec/Mir colours from white to a greenish blue helps, IMHO.


the water is good, rare to see actual reflections that don’t looked all messed up comming from Blender.

The only thing that I would take out is the lens flares from the engine exaust. They look very odd and too big.

I’ve got no problem with the WMP 9 Beta clipping the end unless it is on repeat. Nice work by the way. Is it just me or are there clouds being reflected in the water?

I want your blender file. I’ve been trying to get reflections that accurate for ages in an animation. How did you accomplish that.

Nice anim Stefano! Reflections are great. The land looks a little off, but not bad, (i.e too bright). Maybe could have turned down the H&S a bit on the material.

Ship/flyer is very nice. Great model.


Very nice. I really like it.


Thanx a lot again :slight_smile:

Yup, you are right, but I couldn’t resist adding them…

Sure, there are :slight_smile: And flaps do move consistently with the fighter evolutions (most noticeable at the end of the clip)

This could be difficult, file is over 8Megs mainly because of the Skydome texture (2048x1024 pixels). For reflections The technique is quite simple, you have your camera, and your plane (with its bumpmaps) You create your camera path above surface, you parent camera and set all you want to set.

Then you move cursor to Center of reflective plane, you duplicate the camera path (without duplicating camera) you flip the duplicate with respect to the cursor (Do this in editmode) and you automatically get the path of the point from which the reflection is seen.

Now add an empty with ‘y’ axis towards the plane, parent it to the new path (DO NOT make CurveFollow active)

It is good when you are sure not to modify your path any more :wink:

Well… Spec=0, Hard=5 but some texture do affect Spec (one cloud texture and a noise one) so maybe it is that…

Thanx :slight_smile: