Short Movie "To be or not to be a pirate" Download

Hi, blenderheads!
This is my first short. All done alone in 3 months by myself: models, textures, animations, musics, effects, voices, composition… made with blender… video edition made in blender´s sequencer too…

[Compacted with RAR], [Codec Xvid], [DualAudio=PT_BR+Commentaries_PT_BR], [Size 12Mb]: 7Mb 5Mb
(file split becouse of googlepages´ filesize limit)

Here are the english subtitles:[DualAudio][XviD].srt

A lower-quality on youtube without subtitles (portuguese audio):

The "poster at 1024x768:

C&C are wellcome!

Muito legal k3pp!! :smiley: Amazing for just one person to do something like this in a few months.

Nice! I really like the overal style of the film; especially the models and lighting. The animation seemed blocky, but it was better than I could have done.


I’ve tried to download two .rar files only to come with “corrupted end” error when I tried to unrar them both. Yes, I have tried to re-download them with the same result.

The reason I’m downloading the .rar files is because I want to watch with the subtitles (I’m deaf :P).

Is there any possible way to fix it?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I found the download had to “resume” (broken download) numerous times, so I think the server / host is not the best use a download manager (wget with -c enabled or getright or something like that)

I worked on the English subtitles a bit for you… only one part I’m not sure about - the “magot” part is the other pirates name?

New version of the English subtitles here:
Paste into new document and save as “Ser_ou_nao_ser_um_pirata-K3-[DualAudio][XviD].srt”

excellent first short. You put together all the elements and pulled it off. Congratulations, thats a milestone in any 3d artist’s life. I would work a bit on …Oh I forget the word… something like “preparation movements”. In other words, when a hand is going to move down, move it up first then move it down, Or if he’s going to open his mouth wide and screem, scrunch up his mouth closed first and let it burst open. I’m sure you know what I mean, and I did see some of that, but you can always improve, right. Keep up the good work, maybe you’ll get to help with Orange 2!

Ah, what a nice animation. I finally managed to download it just fine this time. I wish I knew how to make good storyline like you did.

Congrats and keep it up!

Hehe, nice movie!!
Other than improving a bit movements, its great as is!!!

Muito bom :wink:
Baixei e assisti.

Very nice Job!!!

Bijin: Valeu, cara! Thank you! i´m glad you liked it!

Trevor: I must have to agree with you… de worst thing in this short is the animation… it´s really blocky… but it will be better in the next one! hehehe thanks for your comments!

DreamMaster: I don´t know what´s happening… googlepages seemed to be a good host… i will try rapidshare latter…

Lancer: Very very thank you, man! Thanks for the big help with the subtitles! I´ve already updated the original file with yours! The “Maggot” part is a try for a rhyme for “idiot”… hehe
a maggot is a worm…

san_diego_james: I think anticipation is the word you´re looking for… i already know the concept but i can´t use it very well… hehehe I will try to improve in my next work… thanks for your comments! very precious comments!

Dreammaster again: Wow! thank you! I´m very glad you liked it! That´s all ok downloading the file this time? Thanks for the comments about the storyline… thank you!

NaeRey: Yeah! Thank you! I will try to improve the animation next time! thanks!

hugo_prado: Valeu, cara! que bom que vc gostou! Thank you!

Fantastic. Great surprise ending and storyline. Good mouth movements too! Great lighting, especially the red tint on the real pirate, and changing camera angle. Even a great reveal of the skull and crossbones drawn on the hat - i’ve seen many people ask ‘how to’ on this forum. And, great editing and fades. Congrats, my man!!!


I think I’ll just have to go ahead and say j’4wes0m3ly l337. Because it is, it’s really great.

I’m downloading it now, … why the split into 2 files ?


very nice… arrrr!!


Moved to the gallery.


RogerWickes: Wow! thanks for your comments!
about the reveal of the skull on the hat: that´s a video footage… i don´t know if there´s a free/open software that capture desktop videos, but i used snagit… In a 2D painting software, i´ve created a black layer over the skull layer… then i recorded the video of the eraser in action… hehe that´s a video of the black layer being erased. After that, with some edits, the video was used as a texture inside blender and the hand movevents synched with the video texture.
All editing and fades with blender sequencer. thanks for your comments!

wendell: Fala ae, brother, tudo ok? valeu por postar ai! Thanks for your comments!!

BlackBoe: hehehe thank you! my english is not that good, but after a short search at google, i understood what are you talking about! hehehe thank you!

Mike_S: the split into 2 files is becouse googlepages has a filezise limit of 10mb and the movie has 12mb…

basse: thank you, lad! aaaarrr!! hehehe

BgDM: Wow! Gallery!?! Thank you! that´s awesome!