Shortcut for occlude geometry/limit to visible.

taling about shortcuts… Is there such one?? or if not … which one is often made by most users??
tnaks in advance

thanks,I did not tried it yet — will do… but…
just it s not so clear to me where to look for that. this link only Shows a part of a screenshot somewhere… :frowning:
a little more explanation would be more than welcome for a newbie

File / User Preferences / Input
You want to use this shortcut when in Edit mode in the 3d view so add it to 3D View / Mesh

ok thanks a lot, that was quiet helpfull, is there a key you propose, it s difficult to find unused one

this one was helpful too

getting closer but still no cigar:(


no one?? really??? hard to be a newbie…


You’ll find that most users don’t toggle that button enough to warrant giving it a hotkey. For example, I keep it enabled by default and if I want to select through my mesh, I’ll quickly switch to wireframe shading (Z) to select and then pop back.

Ok …am learning to use it your way now too…thanks a lot…