Shortcut to set a view layer, or cycle through them?

I am trying to find a way to switch to a given view layer with a keyboard shortcut.
Either “hardwiring” the name (like “View Layer A”) into the shortcut. Or better yet, changing to a given number of the view-layer list: eg.: pressing “shortcut 1” would switch to the first entry in the view layer list, pressing “shortcut 2” to the second one and so on.

Is this possible in the shortcut editor?

Another nice thing to have would be to cycle through the view layers, just as CTRL-Page-Up and CTRL-Page-Down cycles through the workspaces.

I don’t think there’s an operator for this but I would also find it useful. It would be simple to implement a cycling operator, like the one that exists for workspaces, and it seems odd for it not to exist already.

I’ll put together a quick script for it if nobody presents a built in way to do it.