shot film:The long road to animation

Title: the long road to Animation!!
subtitle: it’s an hard and long way
length: 2 min and 15 sec
kind:animation cartoon comic
description: a charather fight whit the animation laws
I hope that you will like this short film…

quick time(720x576px)

Haha. I like the part with the block. I’m a sucker for a good physical comedy gag.

Funny:-) I really like the “educational” attitude - smart script.

i like it: cute ;b

I liked it too, except for the fact he doesn’t “pull” the box, but rather try to “push” it. :wink:

thats rea33y n5ce!
btw : is any sound implied ? didn´t hear anything

yes there is audio…maybe you haven’t the codec…

hanks very much…excuse for my basic english;:eek:
so how much stars?zero?:frowning:

4.95 stars ~~
i like it very much.

Loved it. Funny and nicely executed.

Really nice animation and rigging! Congratulations!

great fun.

One word describes this:


cool, how long have you been working on this project ? How long have you been doing 3d animation?
it looks awesome :slight_smile:

4.55 stars from me :smiley:

it took me 20 days…
i started learning animation about 10 months ago

:eek: wow, impressive…
and you rigged your character? (if so, where did you learn to rig?)

Very, very nice. I honestly cant think of any crits.

yes i do all

it’s real funny to watch :), well done