So I made this shotgun I think it’s almost finished but there is something wrong with it and I think it’s the textures well anyway check it out and tell me what you think about it.

Shotgun with textures:

Shotgun without textures except ground:

Shotgun solid and wire:

C&C so much apreciated, thanks


To me the barrel looks too long. Especially in the render, it could be just the camera-angle though. Also, shouldn’t the top and bottom barrels be connected? It doesn’t seem to be so. The metall material could also use some refining, I don’t exactly know what though.

The mesh looks very clean.

If you’re going for a remington style, you need a cocking lever. In general, you’ll need something to work the bolt. Even semi-auto shotguns have a pump handle to prime the bolt. Barrel does look a tad long too.

The pump handle seems to be welded onto the tubing its suppose to slide across. Also, Set Smooth the ammo.


what you were going for? Can you see how you did the pump-handle and connection at the front of the barrel wrong? Of course, it’s still a WIP, and you can certainly fix it.

Well ive been busy with some things but you can’t really see any changes I guess. I rendered it 1280X1024 and full quality so that took pretty long.
I kinda like this one I know it’s far from being photorealistic but I think it’s cool for now. How about you?

Thanks for your comments all!



Is looking better Maat, but aren’t you missing the loading part of the shotgun? the wooden grip by the barrel…also the shotgun shells caould be better modeled i think…

You removed the pump completely and still haven’t connected the barrels. I wouldn’t call it finished yet…

Oke then how about this:

C&C much apreciated.

Almost! It looks much better but there’s a lump in the lower barrel past the pump handle, which I think is left over from your old pump handle. The pump also still looks a little like it’s welded to the frame, but it’s much better.