Should Cambo lose the moustache?

Ok we’ve all seen it and something needs to be said before it goes any further. Now I realise I’m not in a particularly good position to comment on hair styling given that I have the nickname bowlcut but there is a limit beyond which I wouldn’t even go.

Our beloved Cambo used to be a handsome guy as we can see in this picture:


A role model to us all - intelligent, good-looking, even a snappy dresser. Ah but then during Peach, Cambo hit puberty and hair started growing in places where there was no hair before as demonstrated in the following images. Caution: not suitable for young children:


Even grey-haired guy has more style now and Cambo can only hang his head in shame:

(of course grey-haired guy always had style ;))

Now I think I know why this has happened, the Peach team all knew Cambo was the best looking guy in the team so given the high publicity on Peach, they had to ensure they got their share of the girls. Sabotage was the only way. Also they seem to have some negativity towards the tree generator. So they probably suggested it like 'hey Cambo, you know how you’d look really cool? Grow a ‘tache, girls love them’ and then every day they make comments like ‘lookin’ sharp Cambo, love that ‘tache’. But they’re lying to you man, they want the girls for themselves. :no:

So this is a petition, no, a plea for Cambo to return sanity to the upper lip before it gets worse. Oh it can get worse alright, here is an artist’s depiction of how Cambo will look in 2 months:

So I beg you all for Cambo’s sake vote yes on the fuzz removal.

PS Brecht, I know you have to keep that big brain warm but in case you need a trim:

Cheap and effective. :wink:

i think you missed something: project peach is about something funny and FURRY! brecht and campbell have to develop better HAIR and FUR.
so, obviously campbell was quite succesful with that! :eyebrowlift:

Should osxrules lose his bowl cut?

  • Yes, it looks plain retarted
  • No, it looks plain retarted, so it fits him perfectly


:yes: perfect! :smiley:

oh, and i voted:
‘No, I think it gives him an air of sophistication and maturity’

as hes choice to be made, it is… :RocknRoll:

edit2: ps. yes i do realize that you made this thread as a big joke…

looks like some one needs to give him a rimmington atack

Mustaches are bad-ass, who would ever want to get rid of one? If the decision is made to get rid of it, tho, I suggest it be donated to charity so some less fortunate person might be able to wear a mustache for christmas.

Indeed, they better fix that bounding box issue or it’s gonna look crazy. :wink:

Already done, I see good advice and I follow it. :smiley:

I now have a mullet. :RocknRoll:

Yep, I know it could have been offensive but it wasn’t meant that way. I figure a 'tache is a commodity item. If I’d said about someone having big sunken zombie eyes that they couldn’t fix that would be different but this can be shaved off in 5 minutes and grow back in a week. Apologies to Cambo if it does offend of course.

I figure if I had a fat ass and was wearing a thong, I’d expect my friend to say ‘hey fat ass, don’t wear that thong’. It might hurt a little but I’d appreciate it in the end and in 5 years when I see the pictures, I’d be like ‘thank you so much for telling me because I just didn’t realise’.

Surprisingly, it seems to be quite popular though (despite getting the feeling some voting is political), maybe I should grow one to distract from the bowlcu… I mean mullet. :spin:

Whoa, I was talking about his moustache. If that was because the common term for this style is bum-fluff, I get the reference. :wink:

Haha, yeah auction to a local orphanage this Christmas. They should have the pillows of arm hair from project orange. Where is Super-Wu these days? This thread is just filling the void. :frowning: