Should i get a tablet for textureing?

I would really like to get better at creating textures (with Photoshop more specifically) and i’m beginning to wonder if one of those drawing tablets might be helpful. I found one for about $25 on amazon and i hear alot of good about it. Kind of one of those things that isn’t the super professional tool but good for occasional use and for beginners. The tablet is titled as “5.5x 4 DigiPro 640 USB Graphics Tablet With Cordless Pen” if that helps.

So i was wondering if anyone else here uses tablets for texturing or Blender use and what you all think about it x:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I would suggest getting a Bamboo if you can afford to save up, but if not then at least you can get started with the activity and learning it. I recommend a pen and tablet for both texture painting and sculpting in Blender, since so much of the functionality is linked to pressure sensitivity.

Do not waste your money on cheap tablets. My first tablet was a cheapie and it was unusable. Bamboo is a good choice, but anything less than that will be a big dissapointment and be harder to use than your mouse.

I have wacom and a genius and I like also the cheap one. the pressure sensitivity works well. the pen feels cheap, has a battery but when you press the spring inside works good and you can control the pressure well. Wacom screens get scratched fast they should send you about 4 with the tablet.

I use a Wacom Bamboo CTH470 Capture Pen and Touch for texturing in Photoshop and sculpting in Zbrush mainly to create low poly game assets. It cost me $99 when it was first released on the Wacom website(still $99). I’v had no complaints whatsoever and its suited my purpose well. I would try to avoid a cheap tablet if at all possible, but if not you can always go low then you become more familiar with it and you want more drawing space you can upgrade.

I don’t know much about the one on Amazon that you’ve found, but If a bamboo is out of your price range, I suppose a small cheapy one is better than none at all ;).

I’d say get the cheap one and if you like it
practise a lot while you save for a better one!!

its NOT like drawing on paper with a pen, you’ll either love it or hate it

I use a bamboo for photoshop and love it. But, I just can’t use it with Blender. To me, it just does not work. Oh physically it works, but the workflow just seems easier to me with a mouse.

if you do texture paint, yup, having a pen tablet may be incredibly useful (for all of the rest though a mouse works alot better really). i also recomment a bamboo. it’s the cheapest from the only good brand making tablets (wacom) ^^