Should I keep Going?

Oh for sure…you should definitely continue.

I’ve always considered myself pretty up to date on day to day development, but on more than one occasion you’ve surprised me with a feature I didn’t know existed, or didn’t fully understand…

You’re educating us on the importance and merits of all of these new toys, and hopefully the satisfaction of doing so will give you the drive to keep going.

I’m going to disagree with JoOngle about rehearsing the videos beforehand, if you do it will be too much of a time consuming process, and you’ll lose the spontaneity to try out new features on the fly.

One suggestion though, quit burping :wink:

Continue! Show us what the interface is properly like. I think you should go for it!

Fantastic videos.

I’ve been watching them on vimeo or wherever they are posted.

They are incredibly informative and provide a great overview of features and functionality that 2.5 has to offer right now. I enjoy watching your long videos as I chill out of an evening and soak up some information along with a few nice bottles of real cider.

As for the burping and other critiques… I’m from the UK and those Aussie lagers realy make me belch just like the continental ones. But the way I figure it, which end would people prefer it to come out of? :wink:

Keep it up if you have the inspiration. It’s much appreciated. If you feel like it’s a chore then take a break. If you can’t see the point then stop. You have a lot to tell people though, and although your presentation is not AAA, your content and intent surely is. I for one hate sanitised promo videos anyway.


Hey dude,

For me, 2.5 is a watershed moment for Blender and in my mind what you are doing is extremely valuable and appreciated.

I will offer you one suggestion from having recorded hundreds of hours of video tutes myself. Rather than cramming 10 features into a 20 minute video, put each feature in it’s own little video of one or two minutes. To be more specific, while you’re recording, when you come to the end of a point/feature, just stop the video and start a new one. This has the added advantage that if you do screw up, you only have to redo that little part again instead of starting all over (or just leaving it in as you said you did).

That way the people who have nothing better to do with their time (bastards) can still sit can back and watch through the whole thing at a leisurely pace, while the rest of us who are sneaking a two minute break in between our third and fourth part time job can quickly jump through to ‘the good stuff’ :slight_smile:

P.S. if you want to see the way I’ve done it (fwiw) my stuff is at (warning max not blender)

You just called me a bastard, didn’t you?

well mr fix i am a noob. i have watched some of them and altho it was interesting alot of it went over my head. i believe if i knew blender better i would have gotten more out of them, but thats my fault not yours. they do seem to be good and worth while, but dont sacrafice yourself to make something for us. if you have the free time and are in the mood crank one out, if not we can wait.

by the way who is the publisher and is it going to be a book for noobs or experienced users?