should I learn python?

I found what my hobbie is : 3d modeling ,animation and game creation.
But now that I am really into blender, I found out that to get the stuff in my brain onto my PC screen I need to get more precise, more deep, by using python.
Though, I am a 14 years old student; should I learn python?
My age… time spent at school… I need advice.
Please answer these two questions:
1-How much time will it take me to learn the basics?
2-Is the time spent worth the results I’ll get in blender?

Learn the basics of Python is simple. But learning the python focused on the Blender will require much of your time. Unfortunately

With your interests, I think it is worthwhile to learn programming as soon as possible. You will be empowered for the rest of your life. Python is a reasonable language to start programming with. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying.

1-How much time will it take me to learn the basics?

Nobody can tell you that, you’re an individual. I’ve seen people go from 0 to “somewhere” within a year (which may sound like a long time to a 14-year-old, but it really isn’t).

2-Is the time spent worth the results I’ll get in blender?

Well, think about how much tedious manual labor a simple script can save you at the right time. (Especially in a program like Blender)

thak you :wink:

check out the game engine,

you will get the hang of vectors
manipulaing lists
rotation matrix
states use bitmask in python

A good way to get used to it, is to make a game.

I can code python now, but I have not even touched bpy docs yet.

If you want to do any kind of automation in Blender then yes: learn Python.

How to teach the basics of Python to a newcomer is a solved problem. KhanAcademy, CodeCademy, Coursera and all those Code schools offer intro lessons for free. Stick with them and within a matter of days or weeks you will have a fair understanding of the broad concepts involved in programming. Using whatever free time you can spare, it’s not the amount of time you put it… it’s the quality and the attention you can afford to give the subject.

From that point the best way to start the process of internalizing the Art of programming is to read the code of the Addons that you use, modify them to do extra things. Ultimately you’ll start to get ideas for scripts of your own or more elaborate Add-ons. If you learn programming early you will find times when you can use your programming skills for school too, programming is often quite abstract and being familiar with abstract things will help in Chemistry/Physics and Maths… even Accounting… I imagine programming will be a a fundamental skill for new graduates.

The real question is not if you have to, but if you want to.

Anything you learn in life is optional and useful, so it comes down to what you want.

Take 3d for example, you may assume that in order to create 3d graphics you need a 3d software. But thats not the case, you could create 3d graphics even with a 2d software like Photoshop. Actually there are many pros illustrator that create 2d art that looks exactly the same as 3d generated art using just a simple paintbrush and a lot of skill.

So why do we use 3d software ? Because its a popular way to do it, and because it comes with its own set advantages. Same can be said about coding, you can live without it but it comes with its own set of convenience.

I have created a book that you should give you a good taste on how to code in python

Give it a try, if you like it, keep doing it. If you dont, life goes on.