Should I link/append character snow?

Hi, I opened the blend.file of the character " Snow " from Blender Studio
In Readme.txt there are steps to follow about link/append this character, But it also mentioned that
you probably don’t need to link/append your character?

螢幕擷取畫面 2022-11-23 094516

I was trying to make some animation with Snow in a interior scene, and I don’t know other way to do it.
So I follow the steps to link character in my scene.
It appeared like this after I done first step.
than I did step 2 and step 3 anyway, the result is like this.
The face rig are not working, but other are fine though.
Where did I do wrong or is there other way to do it?

Thanks for any suggestions.

If you are just working on a simple animation then don’t mess with the link/append stuff for the rig. Open the character file, then append in the objects from the interior scene file and save that file as your working file.

Good luck!

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Thanks! that works for me.
Will still like to know in what kind of situation will I need to link/append though.

You will need to link/append whenever you have stuff in different files you want to use in your scenes, which is probably all the time. I mean, your original problem was with link/append the character Snow into your interior scene and that didn’t work. Your screenshots told me there is something wrong with the Snow character when it is link/append into a different file. So I suggested to link/append the scene into the character file instead, which you said worked. This way, you avoided the problems with the character.

I wonder if blender Studio knows there is a problem with the character? I recently replied to another post here about the character - Rain - that wasn’t working right in the latest blender release. Every time there is a new release of blender, changes are made to the software and sometimes this ‘breaks’ older files and they don’t work. They need to be updated. You might want to contact them about this problem you have and they would probably update the character to work right.

Feel free to ask questions,

Yeah, thanks! this solved the problem.

Im using blender 3.1.0 though, not the latest version.
I just went to blender studio and try to leave a message, but it seams like subscription is required to comment. I think there should be way to report bug or something?
I will try to find out tommorrow.