Should i model jaguars car logo or just use normal map?

Should i model jaguars car logo or just use normal map and displacement map?

I have already tried few different methods but none of them worked properly except texturing. So i tried to import SVG image and create model from the image - works good only for flat objects(but i need bumps). I tried displacement modifier - but it messed up whole model and it requires to use too much subdivisions. Last thing i tried texturing with normal and displacement map and it works well. So what would professionals do if they have to create this logo? Will they just texture it or model it?

This is the result after texturing so i dont know. it seems ok?

That actually looks fairly good.
I would ask, how detailed is the rest of the model going to be, and how close up were you planning on getting to the logo in renders?


Hi. Car will be quite detailed so i am modelling pretty much everything including lights (how they look from inside) but camera will not be too close to the model. But i wanted to know if its the right way to do it this way for logo. Because this logo is seems will be hard to model so i was looking for for easy ways

There are “right” ways of approaching most things. But the end result must look good. That is still the most important thing. If you look at some of the work Masterxeon101 does with hard-ops for example, I’m sure the underlying meshes are very messy in the traditional sense. But the end product looks great. Sometimes, for personal projects more so than anything else, it doesn’t matter how you got there.

Are you happy with the way it looks as a normal map? It’s not as crisp as the source sure. But if you know it won’t be rendered at very close range then I wouldn’t stress about it. A higher resolution might help sharpen things up a bit.

I think the most accurate representation is going to be the physical one though. Whether that’s what you need is up to you. :slight_smile:

You could use sub-division to construct the disk, and make the jaguar emblem floating geometry, with a normal map. With some tweaking you could get something close to the original. The only tricky bit might be the cast nature of it. Where the edges of the emblem melds into the disk.

Personally I think it does look pretty good as it is, taking into consideration what you’ve said.