Should I render to a larger size than my screen size?

Is there a benefit to rendering an image to say 2 x 1080p for display on an HD monitor or screen? Or is this usually just necessary for printing?

At one point I thought, a higher resolution will result in finer lines or sharper images? I never actually found an answer to that assumption. Can someone comment on that?

It depends. Are you rendering a image that will be used for a desktop background?

It depends on how large you want to print it, a large poster-sized image for instance may require a resolution of at least 4K to 10K pixels square, which with the 2.71 version of Cycles at least is not readily doable without using a renderfarm service.

For a smaller size though, you could probably get away with much smaller pixel resolutions. For desktop backgrounds, it’s recommended that the image size is the same dimensions as the screen in question.

It’s a more general question. I would like to render for desktop as well as playing an animation on an HDTV. The given resolution option is simple enough, but can my images be better if they are rendered at a higher resolution? Not for print, but for screen.

Why not answer your own question and feedback your results

When you render your image at 1080p and render again at 2x1080p do you see any improvement ? Is the extra render time worth any image improvement you do/don’t see ?