Should I upgrade to 2.8 now ....... or wait a few more months?

(sozap) #21

It really depends on what you want to do with it. 2.8 is quite stable for most of regular tasks, but it look like there are still a lots of corner cases. By looking at the thread about eevee and grease pencil showcase it’s obvious that you can do a lot in 2.8. But if you’re in a tight deadline with a technically complex project, and don’t like to take risks or wait for some bugs to be corrected, you may want to stick with 2.79 a little more.

(NIWO) #22

I’m still hesitating on jumping on 2.8, because my partners are not able to open a 2.8 file with 2.79…

How many crashes within 10 hours worktime are you guys experiencing in general?

(ajarosz) #23

There is no backward compatibility and there will not be such. So either you all stay with 2.79 or all of you jump straight to 2.8 and supprot it with 2.79 when you find something missing. I had 2 crashes in last 5 days. I would call it pretty stable but I do archviz which are pretty simple. Here you have some examples.

(NIWO) #24

Sounds and looks promising! :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a try, because the UI and the new possibilities are awesome.

Thanks for encouraging me. :wink:

(cekuhnen) #26

very nice work - where do you get the textures from ? just curious.

Also what were your render times?

(EdgeMaster) #27

@cekuhnen 2.8 looks amazing but lack of carve booleans is really painful.

(ajarosz) #28

Thanks. Most of the textures are from poliigon.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #29

I would not, not even beta yet, I have 2.79b, 2.79 daily, and 2.8 installed though, just create a config folder in each installs so that each versions can save its own preferences.

As mentioned, 2.8 is fun to see how things look in Eevee, or if you want to render in it, but things could get awry really fast if you use it for production!

(drgci) #30

do not update in to the blender 2.8 if you do animation ,right now graph editor and dope sheet crashes like hell

(NIWO) #31

Ok, after 1 hour of use I got back to 2.79b.
Editing Multi-Objects in UV Mode crashed for me always… :confused:

I’m even not sure wheter all the Addons are working in 2.8.

2.8 is already so nice in UI, BUT i’ll wait…

(Markus Mayer) #32

There are next to zero add-ons working with 2.8 now. We first have to wait for a stable API.