Should people be allowed to post their opinions?

Hi all,
Here is a simple poll, to see what the casual BGE users feel about the information posted here.
I was instructed to to commit acts of censorship with my posts dealing with other game making tools. I can totally see their point, but I still believe in my point.

So, I thought I would ask the community what types of information do they feel is proper.

Shouldn’t comments about other game making software be posted in the “other software” or “off topic” sections?

I guess I can see both sides.
I have seen your posts abut other engines and game tools, and it doesnt bother me, im here for blender you know?
But im also one of those people that doesnt get hungry when I see a food commercial either LOL.
I can see they want the forum to stick to blender, it needs all the help it can get.
There needs to be a compromise though… everything isnt black and white… just ask yourself a question.
Is this going to help blender in any way…
If so, then talk about it.
If not, then dont, or post it in an off topic thread…
----If it doesnt that doesnt make any sence anyway, thats like someone asking you how to compute an algebra 2 problem, and you explaining the differance between a noun and an adjective. feel me?-----
In the end, censorship in any form is wrong… but lets keep the math problems in math class.


p.s. Mmph I know you dont like my long windedness, but I just have a lot to say LOLOLOL
good luck!

Why not start a topic about CS in the resources forum, there’s a thread about Reality factory there, just keep CS out of topics where people want answers they can do in Blender’s GE.

Mmph, you are missing the point here. I contacted you and asked you to stop recommending Crystal Space to people who are having problems with the Game Engine. We have forums for other software (namely, the Other Software forum), but this forum is for the Blender Game Engine. As I said in my original PM, your frequent plugs of Crystal Space are practically the same as plugging Maya in a modeling forum.

I am not censoring you, I am not showing prejudice against you. If I wanted to censor you, I could delete all of your CS posts. I haven’t done that. Also, I’m not prejudiced against you. If someone else was also doing this, he would have received the same message. I’m just trying to do my job, which involves making sure people stay on topic.

Please don’t make this into an issue. Just don’t use the Game Engine forum for anything besides the Game Engine. There’s a reason we have multiple forums here at Blender Artists rather than just one big free-for-all.

Huh… I don’t exactly know what to vote. I understand the problem, but none of your options sound like the correct solution to me.

When people come to the Blender Game Engine board and ask questions about the Blender Game Engine, they usually want answers to their questions within the framework of the BGE (which seems to make sense).

However, there is a time and a place for recommending alternatives. When people want a nice, working web plugin for Blender content, and they are not satisfied with the outdated 2.25 plugin or the alpha testing version, IE only 2.42 plugin, it is nice to be able to recommend the BS Exporter from BitManagement.

I think the problem has been (as far as I am able to perceive it) that you have been a bit over-zealous in offering those alternatives, even when the author of the question has not suggested a desire for an alternative.

When someone comes here, it is because they have put some thought into it and decided to learn to use Blender’s Game Engine as opposed to the other options. They may not know about Crystal Space (or the very polished and easy to use interface with Blender that it offers), and I agree with you that they deserve the opportunity to know about it and make an educated decision. However, there are appropriate times and ways to offer that information. To most people here, your constant references to Crystal Space probably seem like shameless plugging and product evangelism.

Please don’t misunderstand me, though. I’m not saying people are right to feel that way, or that it’s wrong of you to share your thoughts and experiences with CS. It’s wonderful for us to have active users of Crystal Space and Blender on this forum, because you are the ones who will be able to answer questions when people who use the CS + Blender combo are having trouble figuring it out or getting a certain feature to work.

Perhaps the best solution is to only offer alternatives when the author of the question seems to desire them, and for us to have some sort of list that shows new users what the various game publishing options are with Blender (at-a-glance) so that they can make an informed decision.

Umm, so when we have a new org GE, does that mean we cant talk about it here?