Should we set up a 2.5 python cookbook wiki?

While the code snippets being collected in this forum have been very helpful, maybe it would be better if we could start a 2.5 python cookbook wiki to keep everything collected here better organized and more accessible.

Sooo, would anyone be interested in doing this, and know how to go about setting it up? I think it would be best if it could be part of the actual blender wiki, but we could use a third party if that is not possible.


i think Mdta Androco is already doing something like that !
and also check out Crouch thread for script examples



It is preferred to do this on the Blender Wiki.
I’ve added a section here for a cookbook.
Feel free to help, add code & instructions.
Anything you do, i can go over & format until i have some good templates up.
Blender Wiki should be the main wiki for all Blender documentation.

ok, i set up a page here:
if anyone would like to add content, go for it!

@ Meta


what would be the difference between the page with list of scripts
and this wiki cookbook?

i mean wiki page are already like a cookbook
and we have one section for scripts

and now this new cookbook section !

can you clarify the differences !


The Cookbook is for code snippets.
bit’s & pieces of code that is useful.
The Catalog is for functioning scripts.
The Manual is for proper function docs

what’s the difference between code snippets and scripts list

the wiki list of scripts gives a lot of scripts with sometimes a small tut for doc
what theses snippets would be ?
very short scripts may be !

mind you this might also include some C codes i guess
which are not really part of the scripts list on wiki!

i tough this was sort of the same soup !

i do remember seeing a noob to pro snippets page
which where basically scripts not C code
so it’s conusing a bit