Show animation curve loops like in Unity?

I have been using Blender professionally for about a year now. Before that I was merely animating 2D characters in Unity. Coming from Unity, I have always been missing this option to display an animation curve in the F-Curve window as an ongoing loop, the so-called “wrap mode”. It helps a lot with getting an animation to loop smoothly if you can actually see the transition.

Have I just not found this feature in Blender yet, or does it really not exist?
It is the one thing where Unity’s curve window is better than Blender’s.

Use the Cycle modifier in the Graph Editor

Thanks, though I was hoping nobody would recommend the modifier. Because using a modifier is just not the same as having an on/off switch for a visual help system that doesn’t affect the actual animation.
But I guess if there’s no such thing in Blender I’ll just learn to live without it.


of course it affects the actual animation otherwise it wouldn’t loop, which is what you want isn’t it ? For convenience there is a “toggle curve modifiers” button in the channel list of the graph editor.